870 Visa in Australia: Everything you need to know if 2024!

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    Corazon Jasa

    Written: January 24, 2024

    Updated: April 7, 2024

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    870 visa

    Are you longing to hug your Australian family but feel tangled in visa complexities? The Subclass 870 Visa is a lifeline for parents of Australians, granting them up to five cherished years down under.

    This post unfolds the secrets of this family-friendly visa, helping you bridge continents and hearts with ease. Discover why it’s a game-changer – keep reading!

    Key Takeaways

    • The Subclass 870 Visa lets parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens stay for 3 to 5 years.
    • With the visa, there are no work conditions allowing parents to earn an income during their stay in Australia.
    • Parents can apply for a visa extension after the initial period, giving them more time with their family.
    • To get the visa, your Aussie child or relative must sponsor you first. Then you apply for the visa yourself.
    • You can travel back to your home country and return to Australia as many times as you need while on this visa.

    Understanding the Australian Subclass 870 Visa

    The Australian Subclass 870 Visa opens doors for parents to spend quality time with their children living Down Under. Think of this visa as a special pass that lets you soak in Australia’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes without the usual rush.

    With it, you can make multiple trips to and from Australia, enjoying long stays of either three or five years.

    Fancy a walk along Sydney Harbour or a family barbecue under the Melbourne sun? The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa lets you do all that and more. You won’t be tied down—zip back home for a spell and return whenever you like within the visa’s timeframe.

    It’s perfect for savouring those precious moments with your family while discovering what Australia has to offer.

    Who is Eligible for the 870 Visa?

    Australian citizens’ parents, permanent residents’ parents, and eligible New Zealand citizens’ parents are all eligible to apply for the Subclass 870 Visa. This visa allows extended visits to Australia and has the potential for extension.

    Australian citizens’ parents

    If your kids call Australia home, you’re in luck! Parents of Australian citizens can use the Subclass 870 visa to visit and stay with their family down under for a solid stretch—up to 3 or 5 years.

    Imagine all the quality time, barbecues, and beach days you won’t miss out on. You also get to skip the usual headache of reapplying for visitor visas every few months.

    This special visa is a game-changer because it lets you be part of your children’s lives without worrying about ticking clocks. And let’s face it, video calls just don’t cut it when you could be hugging your loved ones in person.

    So pack your bags for an extended Aussie adventure—you’ve got birthdays, anniversaries, and maybe even grandkids’ sporting events to catch!

    Permanent residents’ parents

    Parents of Australian permanent residents have a special opportunity with the Subclass 870 visa. This temporary visa lets you stay in Australia for 3 to 5 years, and you can come and go as many times as you wish while the visa is valid.

    It’s an amazing chance to spend quality time with your children without worrying about short visit limits.

    Imagine watching your grandkids grow up or being there for important family milestones—this visa makes it all possible. You won’t feel rushed because this long-term option means more precious moments together.

    Experience life down under alongside your loved ones, creating memories that will last forever.

    Eligible New Zealand citizens’ parents

    Parents from New Zealand who qualify can join their family in Australia with the Subclass 870 visa. It’s a special chance for them to live near their loved ones for up to three or five years at a time.

    Your child, who is either an Australian citizen or permanent resident, needs to sponsor you. This means they promise to help you during your stay.

    Imagine celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and everyday moments with your children and grandchildren right by your side! That’s what this visa offers – precious time spent together without worrying about short visit limits.

    All it takes is meeting the requirements: being the biological parent, legal parent, step-parent, or parent-in-law of someone who calls Australia home. Get ready for heartwarming reunions and making new memories down under!

    Benefits of the Subclass 870 Visa

    The Subclass 870 Visa allows for extended stay in Australia, discover how this visa can benefit you and your family by reading more.

    Allows extended stay in Australia

    You can stay in Australia for up to five years at a time with the Subclass 870 visa. It’s like having a home away from home, but without needing to say goodbye too soon. Imagine spending quality time with your kids and grandkids, celebrating birthdays, and even being there for the little day-to-day moments that matter most.

    Parents get a big thumbs-up with this visa—it lets you live in Australia for a total of ten years. Think about all the family barbecues you won’t miss and all the memories you’ll create.

    You can watch your grandkids grow, be part of their lives, and not worry about rushing back home every few months. This visa is all about making life simpler and keeping families together longer.

    Potential for visa extension

    You might find yourself loving life with your family in Australia so much that you don’t want to leave. Good news! Your initial stay can be for up to three years, but there’s also a chance for you to extend your 870 visa.

    With this option, you get to spend more time enjoying backyard barbecues, beach days, and family moments without saying goodbye too soon.

    If one visit isn’t enough, you won’t have to stress. Apply for an extension and keep making precious memories with your loved ones down under. Just make sure you meet all the requirements and apply before your current visa expires.

    It’s a great way to ensure the laughs and stories continue flowing for even longer!

    Application Process for the Subclass 870 Visa

    To apply for the Subclass 870 Visa, you’ll need to start with a sponsorship application from your Australian family member. Once that’s approved, you can then proceed with the visa application process.

    Sponsorship Application

    To sponsor a family member for the Subclass 870 visa, you must start by completing an electronic application form for Sponsorship for a Family Member (870). This process can take several weeks to several months to process.

    As a sponsor, you need to meet specific requirements and be aware of the processing times for the Subclass 870 visa application. It’s essential to provide accurate information and carefully follow the guidelines during the sponsorship application phase.

    During this phase, providing all necessary documentation and meeting eligibility criteria are crucial in ensuring a smooth sponsorship process. Additionally, being informed about potential wait times will help manage expectations effectively.

    Visa 870 Application

    To lodge a Subclass 870 Visa application, follow the guidelines provided by immigration authorities. Complete all required forms accurately and truthfully. Seek expert guidance to ensure a smooth processing experience.

    Consider the sponsor requirements and processing times when initiating the Subclass 870 Visa application process. Professional assistance can prove invaluable in navigating potential complexities associated with this visa category.


    Discover the multitude of benefits that the Subclass 870 Visa offers for visiting your Australian family. With this visa, eligible parents can enjoy an extended stay in Australia.

    The flexibility to renew the visa and travel back and forth multiple times during its validity truly makes it a valuable opportunity for fostering stronger family connections. Embrace the chance to spend quality time with your Australian family, as the Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent visa paves the way for temporary reunification while ensuring minimal financial burden on taxpayers.


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