Understanding Partner Visa Renewal and Conditions in Australia

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    Corazon Jasa

    Written: December 21, 2023

    Updated: January 15, 2024

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    Partner Visa Renewal and Conditions

    Are you and your partner looking to renew a Partner Visa in Australia? It’s essential to understand the process, conditions, and requirements involved. Navigating visa renewal can be daunting with various eligibility criteria that need attention.

    Here’s an important fact: The Australian Partner Visa is not a one-time event; it involves a two-stage application process where the temporary visa may lead to permanent residency after certain conditions are met.

    This article is your guide through this complex journey – outlining what you need for the initial application, how partnership evidence plays a crucial role, and answers common concerns many couples face.

    Keep reading for practical advice that could pave the way for smoother sailing in renewing your Partner Visa in Australia. Let’s explore together!

    Key Takeaways

    • Partner Visa in Australia is a two – step process where the temporary visa can lead to permanent residency.
    • You need to show your relationship is real with things like joint bank accounts and pictures together.
    • If you have “No Further Stay” on your visa, it means you can’t apply for another one while in Australia.
    • There are fees to renew your Partner Visa that change over time, so check the latest costs.
    • Family violence support is available and may still let you get or keep a Partner Visa.

    What is a Partner Visa in Australia?

    A Partner Visa in Australia allows the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live and work in Australia. There are various types of Partner Visas available, each with its own set of eligibility requirements.

    Types of Partner Visas

    • Subclass 820: This is a temporary visa for people who are married to or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. It’s the first step towards a permanent Subclass 801 visa.
    • Subclass 801: After holding the subclass 820 visa and showing that the relationship is still going strong, you can get this permanent visa. The government looks at this two years after you apply for the 820.
    • Subclass 309: If you’re outside Australia, this temporary visa allows you to enter and stay in Australia with your partner. It works like the subclass 820 but for those not yet living in Australia.
    • Subclass 100: Similar to the subclass 801, this is a permanent visa following the subclass 309. You need to show that your relationship is genuine and continuing after two years.
    • Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300): Not married yet? This visa lets someone come to Australia to marry their future spouse. It’s valid for nine months before you must marry and apply for a partner visa.

    Eligibility Requirements

    1. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
    2. The applicant must be the spouse or de facto partner of the sponsor.
    3. Both parties must be aged 18 years or older.
    4. The relationship between the applicant and the sponsor must be genuine and continuing.
    5. Evidence to prove the genuine and continuing nature of the relationship is essential, such as joint finances and shared household responsibilities.
    6. Meeting health and character requirements is crucial for both the applicant and sponsor.

    Understanding Partner Visa Renewal and Conditions

    Once your Partner Visa expires, you will need to go through a renewal process. This usually involves going through a two-stage application process, meeting certain conditions and limitations, and potentially applying for a new visa altogether.

    Two-Stage Application Process

    Applying for a partner visa in Australia involves a two-stage process. The first stage includes applying for a temporary partner visa (subclass 820 or 309). Then, after two years, the permanent partner visa (subclass 801 or 100) application can be lodged.

    During the first stage, evidence of the genuine and continuing relationship must be provided. Once this is granted, you can then proceed to applying for the permanent visa.

    Meeting these requirements ensures that you maintain eligibility for renewal and eventual permanent residency in Australia as the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen or resident.

    Conditions and Limitations

    As you progress through the partner visa renewal process, it’s important to be aware of the conditions and limitations that come with it. Specifically, for the subclass 820 visa, meeting certain criteria such as continuing your relationship with your Australian citizen or permanent resident partner is crucial.

    You must also provide updated information and evidence of the ongoing relationship. It’s vital to understand these conditions and ensure that you meet them to maintain eligibility for visa renewal.

    Ensuring that you address any specific requirements outlined by the Department of Home Affairs is a key part of maintaining eligibility for partner visa renewal. Documentation supporting your ongoing relationship, such as shared financial responsibilities and joint living arrangements, plays a significant role in meeting these conditions.

    Waiving Visa Conditions

    If you face exceptional circumstances, such as family violence or relationship breakdown, you can request to waive certain visa conditions. This could allow you to stay in Australia despite not meeting all the requirements.

    However, it’s important to provide strong evidence and documentation to support your request for waiving visa conditions given the seriousness of these situations. Ensuring that you meet all obligations and requirements is crucial for a successful partner visa renewal process.

    Next, let’s delve into some essential tips for proving a genuine and continuing relationship.

    Applying for a New Visa

    1. Ensure that your relationship with your Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen partner is genuine and continuing.
    2. Gather updated evidence of your relationship, such as joint financial commitments and shared household responsibilities.
    3. Prepare necessary documentation to support the evidence of your relationship, including shared financial responsibilities and joint living arrangements.
    4. Be aware of the visa processing time, which varies based on individual circumstances and can be lengthy.
    5. Understand the specific requirements for the new visa application process to ensure eligibility for renewal.

    Tips for Proving a Genuine and Continuing Relationship

    Provide evidence of joint financial commitments, shared social activities, and the ongoing nature of your commitment to each other. Read more about these tips and more in our full blog post!

    Financial Aspects

    To prove a genuine and continuing relationship for your partner visa renewal, financial aspects play a crucial role. You need to provide evidence of joint finances, such as shared bank accounts, loans, or bills in both partners’ names.

    Additionally, documents like joint ownership of assets or property can help demonstrate the financial commitment in your relationship. It’s important to show that you and your partner share the financial responsibilities and make significant decisions together regarding money matters.

    When demonstrating the financial aspects of your relationship for the partner visa renewal, make sure to include evidence of shared household expenses and commitments. Such documentation can include joint rental agreements or mortgage papers showing both partners’ names.

    Social Aspects

    When applying for a partner visa renewal in Australia, you need to demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship with your Australian partner. This includes providing evidence of shared financial commitments and responsibilities, such as joint bank accounts or shared bills.

    Additionally, showcasing the social aspects of your relationship is crucial. You can provide photographs from family gatherings, holidays, and celebrations to prove your ongoing commitment and genuine partnership.

    Remember that highlighting regular interactions with each other’s families and friends can strengthen the evidence of a continuing and loving relationship.

    To ensure successful partner visa renewal in Australia, it’s important to present convincing proof of the social aspects that reflect your genuine and continuing relationship with your Australian partner.

    Commitment and Household Nature

    To demonstrate the commitment and household nature of your relationship for a partner visa renewal, you can provide evidence such as joint financial commitments, like shared bank accounts or bills in both names.

    Additionally, including documents that show joint ownership of assets or property can further support your case. Moreover, providing proof of shared responsibilities in running the household, like rental agreements or utility bills in both names, will strengthen your application for partner visa renewal.

    Demonstrating commitment and household nature is crucial for a successful partner visa renewal. Providing evidence such as joint financial commitments and shared living arrangements strengthens your application.

    Common Questions and Concerns

    – Worried about the No Further Stay Conditions on your visa? Unsure about extension fees or how family violence can impact your partner visa? We’ve got you covered with answers to these common concerns.

    No Further Stay Conditions

    If you are on a visa with a “No Further Stay” condition, it means that you cannot apply for another visa while you are in Australia. This includes partner visas and other temporary visas.

    It’s important to be aware of this condition when planning your stay in Australia with your Australian partner or spouse. To have the “No Further Stay” condition waived or removed, you will need to meet specific requirements and provide compelling reasons for why the condition should not apply to you.

    Understanding the implications of the “No Further Stay” condition is crucial, especially if you intend to extend your stay in Australia or apply for another type of visa. Make sure to seek advice from qualified migration professionals regarding this particular condition and its impact on your plans for residency in Australia with your Australian partner.

    Extension Fees

    When seeking to renew your partner visa in Australia, it’s important to be aware of the extension fees involved. The Department of Home Affairs outlines specific fees for different types of partner visas, including subclass 820 and 801.

    These fees can vary depending on individual circumstances and are subject to change, so it’s essential to stay updated with the current fee structure. Understanding the extension fees and ensuring timely payment is crucial for a smooth renewal process.

    Moving on from extension fees, let’s explore other important conditions and limitations associated with partner visa renewal in Australia.

    Protection Visa Holders

    Protection visa holders in Australia may be eligible to apply for a partner visa if they are in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

    The partner visa allows protection visa holders to live in Australia with their partner or spouse. When applying for the partner visa renewal, protection visa holders need to provide evidence of their relationship and meet specific conditions set by the Department of Home Affairs.

    It’s essential for protection visa holders to understand the requirements and conditions for partner visa renewal to continue living in Australia with their Australian partner.

    By providing documentation that demonstrates the genuineness and continuity of the relationship, such as joint financial commitments and shared household responsibilities, protection visa holders can strengthen their application for partner visa renewal.

    Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Extensions

    If you hold a Partner Visa and want to travel outside Australia, you might need an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) extension. This allows you to visit other countries and return to Australia without affecting your visa status.

    You can apply for the ETA extension online or through a travel agent while your Partner Visa is still valid. Remember, it’s essential to plan ahead and ensure your ETA remains valid throughout your travels.

    Understanding the process for obtaining an ETA extension is crucial if you plan to leave Australia while holding a Partner Visa. By applying for an ETA extension before traveling, you can maintain smooth re-entry into Australia without any complications regarding your visa status.

    Family Violence and Partner Visas

    If you have experienced family violence and it has affected your relationship, you may still be eligible for a partner visa. The Australian government understands that family violence can impact the continuation of a genuine relationship, and provisions are in place to support partners in these situations.

    You can seek assistance from support services and provide evidence of the family violence when applying for your partner visa renewal.

    Now let’s discuss “Common Questions and Concerns” related to partner visa renewal in Australia.


    In conclusion, understanding partner visa renewal and conditions in Australia is vital for those wishing to continue living with their Australian partner. Meeting the eligibility requirements and providing evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship are crucial for a successful application.

    It’s important to stay informed about the conditions, limitations, and potential wait times involved in the process. By maintaining clear documentation, addressing specific matters, and meeting all conditions, you can ensure a smooth renewal process for your partner visa in Australia.


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