Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Migration: The Essential Guide in 2024

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    Written: January 11, 2024

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    Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Migration

    Are you dreaming of a new life down under but feel overwhelmed by the visa process? Australia’s Skilled Migration Visas offer a golden ticket for talented individuals looking to make their mark on this diverse and vibrant country.

    This blog post will shine a light on the crucial steps and requirements that can turn your Australian dreams into reality. Dive in to demystify the journey towards your Aussie adventure!

    Key Takeaways

    • To get a skilled visa in Australia, you need at least 65 points. Points come from your age, job skills, English skills, and more.
    • Your job must be on Australia’s skilled occupation list to apply for most skilled visas.
    • You have to show that you can speak English well by taking a test unless it’s your first language.
    • If you owe the Australian government money, you have to pay it back before getting a visa.
    • When applying for a visa, adults must agree to Australian values about rights and freedoms by signing a statement.

    Understanding Skilled Visas in Australia

    Skilled visas in Australia are available through the Points-tested stream, which includes options like the Skilled Independent Visa and the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491).

    These visas aim to attract skilled workers to fill specific occupations in high demand across the country.

    The Points-tested stream

    In the Points-tested stream, your skills and abilities matter. Every point counts towards reaching that magic number—65—which you’ll need to apply for visas like the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189).

    Think of it as a game where your work experience, education, and language proficiency add up to help you win permanent residency in Australia.

    You get points for lots of different things. For example, if English is your strong suit or if you’ve got a lot of work experience in a certain job on Australia’s skilled occupation list, you’ll score higher.

    It’s like getting extra credit for being really good at what you do! To see how well you might do before starting the visa application process, try out an online Australian General Skilled Migration points test.

    It’s free and can show you if you’re on track to meet the requirements.

    Skilled independent visa

    Moving from the general points-tested stream, let’s look at the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). This visa is a golden ticket for workers who have the skills Australia needs.

    You don’t need an employer to sponsor you. If you get this visa, you can live and work anywhere in Australia. It’s permanent too! You can even bring your partner and kids along.

    To grab one of these visas, first, make sure your job is on Australia’s skilled occupation list. Then test your points – they’re based on things like age, work experience, and language skills.

    Aim high because you’ll need at least 65 points to be considered. Once invited to apply for this special visa category, it opens doors to many of the same rights that Australian citizens enjoy!

    Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491)

    The Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) is for talented folks who want to work in parts of Australia where they need more skilled workers. This visa lets you and your family stay, earn a living, and study in these regional areas for five years.

    It’s a great chance to enjoy life outside the big cities and still have good job options.

    To get this visa, an Australian place like a state or territory has to invite you. You’ll also need to show that your job skills match what they’re looking for and that you can make enough money.

    After three years of living and working regionally, there’s even the possibility to become permanent residents—what a way to start calling Australia home!

    Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Migration Visas

    To qualify for skilled visas in Australia, applicants must meet basic eligibility criteria such as age requirements, skills assessment, English language proficiency, and health and character requirements.

    These are essential factors that determine an individual’s eligibility to apply for skilled migration to Australia.

    Age requirement

    You must be between 18 and 45 years old to get a skilled visa in Australia. This rule helps make sure that people who come to work are likely to contribute many years of skills and hard work.

    However, if you’re going for the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, age won’t stop you. But remember, when thinking about permanent residence later on, your age is key!

    Skills assessment

    Skills assessment checks if you have the right skills and knowledge for your job in Australia. It’s very important. You can’t apply for skilled migration visas without it. Assessing authorities will look at your education, work history, and how well you use English to make sure it fits with Australian standards.

    Your skills must match what Australia needs. Think of the assessment as a way to show off your talents—they want to see that you’re ready to jump into the job market down under! After this step, we’ll talk about how good your English needs to be.

    English language proficiency

    Talking well in English is a must for skilled visas in Australia. You need to show you can listen, read, write, and speak English well enough. This means taking a test like the IELTS unless English is your first language.

    Don’t worry – it’s just to check that you can handle living and working in Australia.

    Getting 0 points for ‘competent english‘ on the visa points test doesn’t mean it’s not important — it really matters! It’s one of the main things they look at when you ask to move to Australia for work.

    If your test shows you know English even better than just ‘competent’, then you could get more points which helps your chance of getting a visa.

    Health and character requirements

    You must be healthy and of good character to get a skilled visa in Australia. A health check might be needed. This is to make sure you don’t bring any sickness that could harm public health or cost the Australian community.

    If you have family coming with you, they will need health checks too.

    Your character also matters. Officials will look at your past to decide if you are of good character. They use rules from the Migration Act 1958 for this. You can’t have a visa if there’s a risk you might not follow Australian laws or be dangerous.

    Now let’s explore the extra things you need for a skilled visa beyond basic requirements..

    Additional Requirements for Skilled Visas

    Achieving a score of 65 points or more, repaying any debt to the Australian government, and signing the Australian values statement are additional requirements for skilled visas in Australia.

    These play a crucial role in determining eligibility for these visas.

    Scoring 65 points or more

    To be eligible for the General Skilled Migration programme in Australia, applicants must aim to score at least 65 points. This is a crucial threshold and determines whether an applicant can progress further in their visa application.

    Achieving this minimum score demonstrates the applicant’s suitability and potential contribution to the Australian economy, thereby increasing their chances of securing a skilled visa.

    Aspiring immigrants should focus on meeting or exceeding this point requirement as it significantly impacts their prospects of successful immigration to Australia based on their skills and qualifications.

    Understanding how points are allocated and strategising towards achieving the required score is essential for a positive outcome in the visa application process.

    Repayment of debt to the Australian government

    If you want to get a skilled visa for Australia, you need to repay any debt you owe to the Australian government. It’s essential for your visa application to be successful. The government has made it clear that this is a requirement that cannot be overlooked.

    So, before moving forward with your application process, ensure that any debts you have towards the Australian government are settled.

    Signing the Australian values statement

    After understanding the requirements for repaying any debt to the Australian government, it’s important to note that visa applicants must also sign or accept the Australian Values Statement when applying for a visa.

    This applies to the main applicant and every person aged 18 years or older included in the visa application. The statement signifies an agreement to uphold and respect Australia’s values, rights, liberties, equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, and religion.

    It’s crucial for visa applicants to comprehend these values before signing the statement on their visa application.

    Special Focus: IT Specialists’ Immigration to Australia

    Skilled IT professionals can apply for a skilled ICT visa to migrate and work in Australia. This visa allows individuals with qualifications and experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to contribute to addressing specific skill shortages in Australia.

    By filling these shortages, IT specialists play a crucial role in supporting the country’s technological advancement and economic growth. The Skilled Visa program aims to attract skilled individuals or families who are looking to permanently settle in Australia, bringing their expertise to meet the demands of the job market.

    In addition, Australia provides various opportunities for IT professionals, including permanent residency pathways and family sponsorship. As part of its immigration program, the country actively encourages qualified IT specialists from around the world to contribute towards its innovation-driven economy.

    With diverse job prospects and supportive community networks, Australia welcomes skilled IT professionals seeking new opportunities for both career development and personal growth.

    Benefits of Skilled Visas

    Skilled visas offer the opportunity for permanent work and study in Australia, as well as the ability to sponsor family members. To learn more about the benefits of skilled visas, keep reading!

    Permanent work and study opportunities in Australia

    Skilled workers who obtain the 189 visa can permanently live and work in Australia. This visa also enables skilled workers to study in Australia, increasing their chances of qualifying for the Skilled Independent visa and its work stream.

    With the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), invited workers with needed skills have the opportunity to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia, creating a stable foundation for their careers.

    The 189 visa allows skilled individuals not only to pursue permanent employment but also offers them access to education opportunities within Australia. This combination grants them a chance at long-term stability and growth in both their professional and personal lives while residing in the country.

    Sponsorship of family members

    Family members can sponsor skilled workers under the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 491). Unlike the requirements for skilled migrants, family migration to Australia does not have a skills test or language requirement.

    This allows family members of skilled workers to provide sponsorship without needing to meet the same stringent criteria as primary applicants.


    In conclusion, understanding the eligibility criteria for skilled visas in Australia is essential for anyone considering immigration. The practical requirements, such as age and English proficiency, are straightforward and achievable.

    By meeting these criteria, individuals can access numerous opportunities for permanent work and study in Australia. This understanding will have a significant impact on navigating the visa application process efficiently.

    For further guidance or clarifications, seeking professional advice from immigration experts is recommended. Remember that taking careful steps towards meeting the skilled visa criteria can lead to fulfilling opportunities and a new chapter in your life journey.

    For more detailed guidance specifically for IT professionals looking to migrate, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on IT specialists’ immigration to Australia.


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