The 887 Visa: Your Ultimate Guide in 2024!

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    Written: January 30, 2024

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    Are you striving to make regional Australia your permanent home? The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 could be your golden ticket. Within this guide, we unpack the essentials—from eligibility to application steps—ensuring a smoother journey toward securing your future down under.

    Dive in and let’s navigate the path to your Australian dream!

    Key Takeaways

    • The 887 Visa allows you to live in Australia permanently if you’ve lived and worked in regional areas for specific times.
    • To get the visa, follow all rules from your temporary work visa and pass health and character checks.
    • Include family members when applying for the 887 Visa as they can’t be added later.
    • Applying for the 887 Visa takes careful planning; gather all documents and expect up to an 18-month processing time.
    • Be ready to pay visa application fees and clear any debts with the Australian government before applying.

    Eligibility Criteria for the 887 Visa

    To be eligible for the 887 Visa, you must have an eligible visa, fulfill residence and work requirements, comply with conditions of the eligible visa, and meet health and character requirements.

    It’s important to ensure that all these criteria are met before proceeding with the application process.

    Having an eligible visa

    You must hold a valid temporary work visa before applying for the 887 visa. This is your stepping stone to permanent residency. Your current visa shows that you’ve already been part of Australia’s community and workforce.

    It proves you’re ready to take the next step.

    Make sure your existing visa hasn’t expired, as this is crucial for the 887 application. Check all your identity documents carefully—passports, birth certificates, or national ID cards need to be up-to-date.

    Having these in order means you’re set to pursue Australian permanent residence with confidence.

    Fulfilling residence and work requirements

    Living in the right spot is key to the 887 Visa. You’ll need to show you’ve been in an approved area for two years. Plus, working full time for a year matters just as much. Here’s how you can get these requirements sorted:

    • First, gather documents that prove where you’ve lived. These could be lease agreements, bills with your address, or bank statements.
    • Keep things official with records from employers to confirm your full – time work. Pay slips and tax returns are perfect for this.
    • Make sure all jobs you list match what Australia considers “full – time.” This means at least 35 hours each week.
    • If you’ve changed homes or jobs often, don’t worry. Just collect evidence from each place that adds up to two years and one year respectively.
    • Your old visa has rules – stick to them! They’re part of making sure your 887 application goes smoothly.
    • Stay healthy and out of trouble; pass checks for both because they will look into your past.

    Complying with conditions of the eligible visa

    You need to follow all rules of your current visa before you can get the 887 visa. This means you must stick to what your eligible visa says, like where in Australia you can live and work.

    Check that all your details are correct and up-to-date.

    Make sure you have not broken any rules of your old visa. If there were conditions like not moving from a certain area or working a specific job, keep proof that you followed them.

    Hold onto documents such as contracts, pay slips, and rent agreements. These show that you did what was required while on your previous Australian visa.

    Meeting health and character requirements

    Getting your 887 visa means meeting health and character standards. This step is crucial for you and any family joining you in Australia. Here’s what to focus on:

    • Everyone included must be healthy. That means passing medical exams.
    • Your past matters, so a clean record is important. Police checks from countries you lived in are required.
    • Tell the truth on your forms. If they catch lies or missing info, it could hurt your application.
    • Problems with past visas? Fix them! Make sure you followed rules on any Australian visas before.
    • Plan for a full health check-up. This includes x-rays and blood tests if needed.
    • Kids need checks too. The same health rules apply to all family members, no matter their age.
    • Stay out of trouble. A good character might need references from jobs or community leaders.
    • Some health issues can cause problems. Let officials know about major conditions early on.
    • Time to get fingerprints or other biometrics? Follow instructions and provide them quickly.

    Application Process for 887 Visa

    To apply for the 887 Visa, you’ll need to prepare a thorough visa checklist, follow the application procedure diligently, and be mindful of the processing time. Click here to learn more about the step-by-step process and ensure your successful visa application.

    Visa checklist

    Getting your 887 visa starts with a checklist. Make sure every item is ticked off to smooth out your application process.

    • Form 80: Fill this out with care, as it’s vital for your identity check.
    • Passport: Ensure it’s current and includes all pages.
    • Marriage certificate: If you’re married, provide this important document.
    • National identity card: This confirms who you are, alongside other ID documents.
    • Living proof: Show that you’ve lived in a designated area. Bills or rent agreements work well.
    • Work evidence: You’ll need to prove full-time work with references or bank statements.
    • Tax documents: These include Notices of Assessment to show your earnings.
    • Financial statements from the company: If self-employed, audited statements are needed.
    • Debts clearance: Prove you have no outstanding debts to the Australian government.

    Application procedure

    Applying for the 887 visa is a step towards building your future in Australia. You’ll need to follow the procedure carefully to make sure you meet all the requirements.

    • Start by checking that you’ve lived in a designated regional area for at least two years and worked there for a minimum of one year.
    • Gather all necessary documents. This includes your identification documents such as a passport or driver’s licence, form 80, and marriage certificates if applicable.
    • Make sure you have proof of your residence and employment in the specified postcodes of regional Australia.
    • Fill out the application form accurately and attach all required documentation.
    • Pay special attention to health and character requirements, ensuring you fulfil them before submission.
    • Submit your visa application online through the official government portal. Keep copies of everything for your records.
    • After submitting, track your application status. Processing times can take up to 18 months, but staying informed helps ease any concerns.

    Processing time

    Waiting for your 887 visa can feel like a long game. Most people get their visas sorted in about 18 months. But that’s not set in stone; sometimes you’ll be one of the lucky ones joining the queue closer to the front.

    Think of it as being similar to waiting at airport security – some breeze through smartgate, others might have issues with their e-passport or travel documents. Just know that half the applicants are all set within just 13 months.

    Keep this in mind: Your application could race ahead quicker if everything is spot-on from the start. Make sure you tick off every item on your checklist and follow guidelines closely, right down to details like IELTS scores or Medicare requirements.

    Doing this helps avoid delays and gets you closer to enjoying all those benefits — like bringing family into the picture or even aiming for citizenship down the track!

    Benefits of the 887 Visa

    – The 887 Visa offers the opportunity to become eligible for British citizenship after meeting residency requirements.

    – You can also include family members in your application, allowing them to join you in enjoying the benefits of living in the UK.

    Citizenship eligibility

    To be eligible for Australian citizenship, as a holder of the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887), you must meet certain residency and other criteria. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you can apply for citizenship in the future.

    This offers an opportunity to enjoy the benefits and privileges of being an Australian citizen, contributing to your long-term settlement and integration into Australian society.

    Meeting specific residency and other criteria as a subclass 887 visa holder may open doors to future opportunities for applying for Australian citizenship, granting access to rights and benefits that come with being an official citizen of Australia.

    Inclusion of family members in the application

    Include all eligible family members when applying for the 887 visa; you can’t add them later. Once granted, family members enjoy the same rights as the main applicant – this includes bringing them to Australia.

    All dependents must meet Australia’s health standards. As a 887 visa holder, you can sponsor your relatives for Australian visas too!

    Obligations of 887 Visa Holders

    As a 887 Visa holder, you are required to fulfill residency requirements and abide by travel restrictions. It is important to understand the responsibilities that come with holding this visa.

    Residency requirements

    To meet the residency requirements for the 887 visa, you must have lived in a specified regional area of Australia for at least two years while holding an eligible visa. It’s crucial to gather evidence such as lease agreements, utility bills, or employment records to demonstrate your continuous residence in the designated region.

    Additionally, ensure that you have fulfilled all conditions of your previous work visa and have not spent extended periods outside Australia during the residency period.

    Remember to maintain accurate records and documentation of your stay in the regional area over the two-year period required for this visa application. Ensure that you can provide proof of residing in the designated location and abiding by visa restrictions throughout this duration.

    Travel restrictions

    Once you’ve held the 887 visa for five years, you won’t be able to travel outside Australia. This restriction is due to the expiration of the travel facility that comes with Australian permanent visas.

    Keep this in mind when making your plans and ensure that your travels align with this regulation.

    Remember, after five years, the 887 visa will limit your ability to leave Australia, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

    Financial Aspects of the 887 Visa

    The financial aspects of the 887 Visa include a detailed fee structure and any outstanding debts to the Australian government that need to be settled before applying for the visa. It’s essential to understand these financial requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

    Fee structure

    Understanding the fee structure for the 887 visa helps you plan your finances effectively. Sure, it’s crucial to pay attention to these costs – after all, they’re part of making your Australian dream a reality. Let’s break down the fees associated with the 887 visa in an easy-to-digest table format.

    Applicant Visa Application Charge Professional Fees (Elixir Group) Additional Costs
    Main Applicant $475 $2000 + GST Varies (English language requirements, etc.)
    Partner $240 $500 + GST per dependent Varies (English language requirements, etc.)
    Dependent Under 18 $120 $500 + GST per dependent N/A
    Each Additional Applicant Varies $500 + GST per dependent Varies (health checks, police clearances)

    Remember, you should also budget for potential unforeseen costs. These might include expenses for health checks, police certifications, and possible language test fees. Careful planning will ensure you’re not caught off guard by these financial requirements. Keep in mind, costs can change, so always double-check the latest figures with the Department of Home Affairs or your migration agent.

    Debts to the Australian government

    To apply for the 887 visa, it’s crucial to clear any outstanding debts to the Australian government. Make sure all debts are repaid or arrangements are in place before submitting your application.

    Remember, having unpaid debts can impact your visa approval, so take proactive steps to resolve any financial obligations to the Australian government.

    It is vital applicants understand that having unresolved debts with the Australian government can directly affect their eligibility for the 887 visa. Take immediate action to settle any outstanding payments or establish a repayment plan to ensure a smooth and successful visa application process.


    In summary, the 887 visa offers a pathway to permanent residency in Australia for those who have lived and worked in specified regional areas. Meeting the eligibility criteria, gathering necessary documents, and understanding obligations are crucial steps in applying for this visa.

    By following this guide, you can navigate through the application process with confidence and clarity. Understanding the benefits of this visa will empower you to make informed decisions about your future plans.

    Take proactive steps towards fulfilling your dream of building a permanent home in regional Australia by leveraging the information provided in this comprehensive guide.


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