485 Visa Extension: Ultimate Guide in extending your stay 2024!

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    Corazon Jasa

    Written: December 28, 2023

    Updated: December 29, 2023

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    485 visa extension

    Are you a student in Australia watching the calendar as your visa’s expiration date draws closer? You might be feeling the pressure, especially if your studies aren’t wrapping up just yet.

    Visa extension—sounds daunting, doesn’t it? But stay calm; there’s a process to ensure you can stick around legally and complete your education. Here’s one thing worth noting: you can’t simply renew or extend your current student visa.

    However, applying for a new one could be your ticket to uninterrupted learning down under.

    Our blog post will dive into everything you need to know about extending your student adventure in Australia. From understanding the nitty-gritty of eligibility criteria to navigating through the application steps—we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow guidance! Whether it’s for thesis submission or just needing more time before graduation, we’ll equip you with essential information and tips to make this journey smoother.

    Ready for some peace of mind? Keep reading—it gets easier from here!

    Key Takeaways

    • You cannot renew your student visa in Australia; you must apply for a new one.
    • Make sure to enroll in a course, have health insurance, and gather all needed papers before your current visa ends.
    • If you need more time to finish school or submit a thesis, ask for an extension before it’s too late.
    • There are costs to apply for a new visa and possibly English test fees too.
    • Follow the rules on your student visa while waiting for the new one.

    Understanding Student Visa in Australia

    To study in Australia, you’ll need to obtain a student visa. This section will cover the eligibility criteria, duration of stay, cost, and your responsibilities and obligations while holding a student visa.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You need to meet some important rules if you want to extend your student visa in Australia. First, make sure you’re doing well in your studies and that you finish your course on time.

    It’s also a must to keep being enrolled and to show you’re making good academic progress. You can’t forget about the English language; prove that you can speak it well enough for your studies.

    And don’t overlook health standards – staying healthy is key, as well as showing that you are a good person with no big problems with the law.

    Your visa extension depends on these things: finishing the program within its set duration, maintaining enrollment, meeting English language requirements, and keeping up with health and character checks.

    Also, make sure all your paperwork is correct when applying for more time on your visa. Tell immigration right away if there is any change like moving house or changing phone numbers.

    This keeps everything smooth so nothing gets in the way of enjoying more time learning Down Under!

    Duration of Stay

    Your student visa in Australia lets you live here for up to 5 years. This time matches the length of your course. If you finish your degree and want more study or work, you might get extra time with a Temporary Graduate visa.

    That gives you another two years.

    You must know how long your current visa lasts so you can stay legally in Australia. If you need more time to finish school or do other important things, ask for a visa extension before it’s too late!


    Getting a student visa extension in Australia means paying some fees. You’ll need to shell out about AU$620 if you’re the main person applying. Think of it as the price for more time to hit the books and finish your studies.

    Sometimes, you also have to prove you can speak English well enough. Taking an English proficiency test is part of this process, and that’s going to set you back between $150 and $400.

    It’s not just any test; it has to be one that immigration accepts. Keep in mind these costs when planning your stay so money doesn’t surprise you later on!

    Responsibilities and Obligations

    You have some important jobs to do when you hold a student visa in Australia. First, make sure you’re doing well in school and finish your course on time. Keep your enrollment active too.

    You need an up-to-date Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for your visa.

    Also, follow the rules listed on your Subclass 500 Student visa. This includes not breaking any laws in Australia. If something changes with your study plans or personal info, tell Immigration right away.

    Stay on top of these things and enjoy studying in Australia!

    Need for 485 Visa Extension (Graduate Visa)

    If your student visa is set to expire before you complete your studies, need extra time for thesis submission, or have other reasons requiring an extended stay in Australia, it’s essential to understand the process and requirements for a visa extension.

    Read on to learn more about how to apply for a student visa extension and what you need to consider.

    Visa Expiry before Graduation

    Your student visa in Australia is super important for your studies. Sometimes, it might run out before you finish school. Don’t worry, this isn’t the end! You can’t just get more time on your old visa, but you can apply for a new one.

    Remember to do this before your current visa ends so you can stay and complete your courses.

    Make sure you keep an eye on when your visa will expire. You’ll need some time to gather all the right papers and fill out forms for a new application. It’s not allowed to extend just to go to your graduation ceremony.

    So, if you’re close to finishing up and see that time is short, start planning now for what comes next!

    Extension for Thesis Submission

    Sometimes, finishing a thesis takes longer than planned. If this happens, you might need to extend your student visa. This allows you more time to work on your thesis and submit it.

    First, ask for an academic extension from your school. They will give you a new CoE Confirmation of Enrolment with a later end date.

    Once you have the new CoE, fill out the Course and CoE Extension Application form quickly—don’t wait too long! You must send in this form less than eight weeks before your current CoE runs out.

    Make sure all details are correct so that immigration can process everything without delays. With the extra time on your visa, focus hard and do great on finishing up that important paper!

    Extending Stay for Other Reasons

    After you’ve submitted your thesis, you might find other reasons to stay longer in Australia. Maybe you’re not ready to leave just yet. Your plan could be to find work opportunities or explore residency options.

    You can apply for a visa extension even if it’s not for study-related reasons.

    You have a lot of choices as an international student after graduation. If you want to keep living in Australia, think about what kind of temporary resident or long-term stay fits your goals best.

    For help with immigration assistance and to understand more about how to extend your visa, Visa Envoy is here for you.

    How to Apply for Student Visa Extension in Australia

    To apply for a student visa extension in Australia, you need to first check your current visa conditions and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Enrolling in your chosen course and arranging health cover are essential steps before gathering all the required documents and submitting your application for an extension.

    Once submitted, undertake biometrics and a medical examination, ensuring you hold a valid visa until the extension is granted. Finally, await the outcome of your application.

    Check your Visa Conditions

    First, understand that your visa conditions must be followed according to Australian laws.

    1. Use the Document Checklist Tool or view the visa grant letter received to review your visa details and conditions.
    2. Ensure you complete the program within the expected duration, maintain enrolment, meet satisfactory academic progress, and notify any change of address, as these are part of your visa conditions.
    3. Remember that the Student visa (Subclass 500) has restrictions on work hours and application fees.
    4. Be aware that breaching visa conditions can have consequences according to Australian law; therefore, always follow them precisely.
    5. Confirm the specific conditions attached to your visa by checking your visa grant notification.

    Enrol in your Preferred Course and Arrange Health Cover

    To apply for a student visa extension in Australia, your first step is to enrol in your preferred course and organise Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). OSHC is mandatory for international students studying in Australia and must be maintained throughout your study. The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs requires all international students applying for a student visa to have OSHC, which should start from your arrival date in Australia. Here’s how you can go about it:

    1. Enrol in the course of your choice by securing a place and obtaining OSHC to ensure continuous health coverage.
    2. Arrange OSHC as soon as possible, starting from your arrival date in Australia, to meet the mandatory health insurance requirement.
    3. Sign up for your desired programme and ensure you have valid OSHC covering the entire duration of your stay.
    4. Register for the course you want and manage OSHC with continuous coverage as mandated by the Australian Government.
    5. Secure admission to your preferred programme and coordinate OSHC promptly to adhere to visa requirements.
    6. Join the course of your choice and take care of OSHC to fulfil the mandatory health insurance obligation.
    7. Obtain enrolment in your desired programme and procure OSHC without delays for continuous health coverage during your study period.

    Gather Required Documents

    To extend your student visa in Australia, you need to gather the following necessary documents:

    1. Certified copy of your birth certificate: This document is essential to prove your identity and nationality.
    2. Passport ID page: A copy of this page is required to verify your passport details and personal information.
    3. Copies of visa labels and immigration stamps: These copies are needed as evidence of your previous visa history and entries into Australia.
    4. Proof of enrollment in your current course: This shows that you are a genuine student continuing your studies in Australia.
    5. Financial records showing sufficient funds: You need to demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself during the extended stay.
    6. Health insurance documentation: Evidence of valid health cover for the duration of the extended stay is required.
    7. Academic transcripts or letter from educational institution: These documents may be needed to support your reasons for extending the visa, such as thesis submission or course completion.
    8. Any other relevant supporting documents: Depending on your specific situation, additional paperwork may be necessary to strengthen your visa extension application.

    Submit Application for Extension

    To apply for a student visa extension in Australia, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Check your current visa conditions to understand the requirements for the extension.
    2. Enroll in your preferred course and arrange health cover as per Australian immigration laws.
    3. Gather all the required documents, including proof of enrollment and health insurance.
    4. Submit your application for the extension before your current visa expires, and ensure it remains valid until the extension is granted.
    5. Undertake biometrics and a medical examination if requested by the Department of Home Affairs.
    6. Await the outcome of your application and adhere to all visa conditions during this time.

    Undertake Biometrics and Medical Examination

    When extending your student visa in Australia, you will need to undertake biometrics and a medical examination. Here are the key steps to follow:

    1. Schedule an appointment for biometric data collection at a designated location specified in the letter you receive.
    2. Arrive at the appointment on time and bring the necessary documents, which may include your passport and appointment confirmation.
    3. Provide digital photographs and fingerprints as part of the biometric verification process.
    4. After completing the biometrics, prepare for a health examination if required for your visa application.
    5. Attend the scheduled medical checkup at an approved healthcare provider or clinic.
    6. Ensure that all medical reports and test results are accurately documented and submitted as part of your visa renewal application.
    7. Stay informed about additional health requirements that may apply based on your individual circumstances.

    Hold Valid Visa until Extension is Granted

    Make sure your current visa remains valid while waiting for the extension.

    Await Application Outcome

    When you have applied for a student visa extension in Australia, the next step is to await the outcome. Here’s what you need to do while waiting:

    1. Stay Informed about Visa Processing Timeframes: Keep yourself updated about the typical time required for the Department of Home Affairs to process visa applications.
    2. Track Your Application Status: Regularly check your application status through the online portal provided by the Department of Home Affairs.
    3. Be Prepared for Decision at Any Time: Understand that a decision on your visa extension can be made by the Department of Home Affairs at any stage after lodging your application.
    4. Plan Your Next Steps: Consider alternative arrangements in case there are unexpected delays in the visa processing.
    5. Be Patient and Prepared: While waiting, maintain patience and ensure that you are ready to comply with all requirements as soon as a decision is made on your application.
    6. Contact Authorities If Necessary: In case of prolonged delays or if you have concerns about your application status, don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate authorities for guidance.

    Special Circumstances

    Applying while in Australia, applying from outside Australia, eligibility for student visa fee waiver, dealing with refused applications and visa appeals process… Learn more about the special circumstances surrounding student visa extensions in Australia!

    Applying while in Australia

    To apply for a student visa extension while in Australia, you need to ensure that your current visa is still valid. Make sure to maintain enrollment and satisfactory academic progress while awaiting the application outcome.

    You must also notify immigration authorities of any changes in your address. It’s important to meet financial capacity requirements and course obligations when extending your stay.

    Remember, if your visa expires before graduation or you need more time for thesis submission, applying within Australia involves gathering required documents and submitting the extension application, as well as undergoing biometrics and medical examination.

    If facing refused applications, be aware of the visa appeals process.

    Applying from Outside Australia

    If you need to apply for a student visa extension from outside Australia, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements. Seek immigration assistance if needed for a smoother visa application process.

    Remember, applying from outside Australia involves special circumstances that differ from applying while in the country. Be prepared and proactive in gathering all required documents and meeting the visa eligibility criteria to increase the chances of a successful overseas application.

    It’s essential to consider seeking support or guidance when navigating through the application process from abroad, ensuring that your international student visa documentation meets all necessary standards for a nonresident visa.

    Student Visa Fee Waiver Eligibility

    If you’re a student in Australia and need to extend your visa, the Australian Government is currently waiving the visa application fee for students who are applying for a further student visa to complete their study.

    This fee waiver applies to specific situations such as deferral or Leave of absence due to travel. If you’re eligible for the fee waiver, necessary paperwork will be sent to you at the time of application.

    Keep in mind that this fee waiver is temporary, so make sure to take advantage of it if it applies to your circumstances.

    Dealing with Refused Applications and Visa Appeals Process

    If your visa application for Australia is rejected, it can be distressing news. You might wonder about the visa appeal process and your options moving forward. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) might review decisions on visa refusals, cancellations, and business sponsorship applications.

    It’s crucial to understand that specific guidelines govern appealing a student visa refusal, particularly related to demonstrating genuine intention to stay.

    In this situation, you should seek information available on circumstances under which a visa can be refused or cancelled under section 501 of the immigration and citizenship law. Also, consider the processing time for appealing a student visa refusal through the AAT as timings can vary depending on each case.

    This knowledge will help you navigate this challenging circumstance with clarity and understanding while considering your next steps.

    Responsibilities During Extended Stay

    During your extended stay in Australia, it is essential to adhere to your visa conditions, maintain valid health insurance, and promptly report any changes to immigration authorities.

    These responsibilities ensure compliance with regulations and contribute to a smooth and successful continuation of your studies in the country.

    Adherence to Visa Conditions

    Ensure you meet all visa requirements during your extended stay. Comply with the regulations and guidelines specified in your student visa. This includes maintaining valid health insurance, reporting any address changes to immigration, and fulfilling all obligations throughout your stay.

    Remember that abiding by these conditions is crucial for ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted time in Australia.

    Now let’s move on to the next vital step – “Ensuring Valid Health Insurance”.

    Ensuring Valid Health Insurance

    When it comes to ensuring valid health insurance during your extended stay in Australia, it is essential to maintain comprehensive Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your visa.

    As international student visa holders and their dependents are required to have adequate health insurance as per visa conditions, it is crucial to obtain and retain this coverage. When applying for a Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 or renewing your student visa, evidence of continuous OSHC may be necessary.

    Additionally, having health insurance is not only a requirement but also provides financial security and access to quality healthcare services throughout your stay in Australia.

    Reporting Changes to Immigration

    When you’re living in Australia on a student visa, it’s important to report any changes to your immigration status promptly. This includes updating your address, contact details, and any changes to your enrolment or course as soon as they occur.

    Not reporting these changes can impact the validity of your visa and may lead to serious consequences. It’s crucial for you to stay informed about the reporting requirements and fulfill them diligently throughout your stay.

    As you navigate through the process of applying for a student visa extension or any other immigration-related matters, understanding the significance of reporting changes is essential for ensuring compliance with Australian immigration regulations.

    By staying proactive and updated with these reporting obligations, you will maintain a smooth transition in your journey as an international student in Australia while abiding by all necessary requirements set forth by the Department of Home Affairs.


    So, now you know all about student visa extension in Australia. Remember, apply for a new visa before your current one expires. Follow the rules and gather the required documents.

    If you face any issues, seek guidance from the Department of Home Affairs. It’s crucial to understand and meet all visa conditions to ensure a smooth extension process. Good luck with your studies Down Under!


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