Ten-year-old boy refused visa for not having ‘employment’

//Ten-year-old boy refused visa for not having ‘employment’

Ten-year-old boy refused visa for not having ‘employment’

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By: Shamsher Kainth

17 July 2018


A ten-year-old boy from India has been denied an Australian visa for the third time. Harmanpreet Singh applied for a visitor visa in order to visit his father and stepmother who live in Melbourne.

The Department of Home Affairs, however, feel that he does not have “employment or financial incentive” to return to India.

“I find that you have not demonstrated sufficiently strong financial, personal, employment or other commitments in your home country that would be an incentive for you to return after your visit,” the visa officer recorded in the refusal letter.

His father, Harinder Singh, states “It has been three years since I have seen my son. We applied for his visa thrice and they have refused the application with the same reason,”.

Mr Singh remarried after his wife died in a road accident in India in 2012. He moved to Australia in 2015 as a dependent of his wife who was on a 457 visa. Harmanpreet came to Australia with him but returned to India to continue his schooling.

Mr Singh and his wife’s bid for a permanent residency did not succeed and are currently on a bridging visa with restrictions on travelling overseas. He states:

“If it’s because of our visa status, do people on bridging visas not have the right to even to see their children? Our elder son has been here at least 6 to 7 times and he returned to India each time.”

“I am his only living parent and we want to be together for some time.” 

Mr Singh has started an online petition for a review of the decision by the Minister for Home Affairs.



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