Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows you to turn your skills, experience and knowledge into a nationally recognised qualification.

Applying for RPL 

A Recognition of Prior Learning can help you gain credit towards a vocational qualification and in some cases a full qualification. This can significantly reduce the time spent studying as you no longer need to study what you already know.

Evidence for an RSL can range from previous studies, both formal (School, TAFE) and informal (e.g. community education); work experience – unpaid and paid – as well as life experiences.  This will ultimately depend on the qualification in which you are seeking.

How can CJMigration help you?

Seeking RPL can be a confusing process. Evidence submitted must meet the principles of assessment and comply with the rules of evidence.

CJMigration can help you to determine what evidence you require, which evidence are permissible and which qualification you are eligible for based on your previous employment and skill.

So, what’s the first step?

To help us assess you, forward your resume to Alternatively you can ring us on 0414 987 351 to book an appointment to discuss your matter further.

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