Exploring Pathway to Permanent Residency - 3 Ways to do it

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    Corazon Jasa

    Written: December 23, 2023

    Updated: December 23, 2023

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    Pathway To Permanent Residency

    Are you dreaming of calling Australia home, but find the maze of visa options daunting? You’re not alone. Many skilled professionals worldwide share the aspiration to secure permanent residency Down Under, yet struggle with understanding where to start or which pathway could lead them to success.

    A common challenge is deciphering complex immigration policies and selecting the right visa category that matches your skills and aspirations.

    Believe it or not, if you’re a temporary skilled migrant, recent statistics suggest you have around a 69 per cent chance of transitioning to permanent residency – encouraging odds in anyone’s book! This article unpacks the process step by step, revealing how skills can be your golden ticket in this dynamic migration landscape.

    We’ll guide you through each necessary action so that what once felt like an intricate puzzle becomes clear and achievable.

    Let’s embark on this journey together; after all, your Australian dream is just within reach. Keep reading as we pave your ‘Pathway To Permanent Residency With Skilled Migration’.

    Key Takeaways

    • Skilled migration is a main way to get permanent residency in Australia if you have skills needed by the country, and about 69% of temporary skilled migrants become permanent residents.
    • You can apply for different types of visas under the General Skilled Migration program if your job is on Australia’s skill shortage list.
    • Permanent Residency gives lots of benefits like working and studying anywhere, using public health care called Medicare, renewing your visa every 5 years, and helping from Centrelink with money problems.
    • To apply for PR through skilled migration, match your work skills with what Australia needs, meet all requirements like skills assessment and English test, possibly find an employer sponsor, and follow each step carefully in the application process which could take up to a year.
    • Family members can be brought to live in Australia too once you get permanent residency.

    What is Permanent Residency in Australia?

    Permanent Residency in Australia, often called PR, is a type of visa that lets noncitizens live, work, and study there without an end date. If you have PR, you get to enjoy many of the same rights as Australians.

    You can travel in and out of the country as much as you like, go to school or university here, and work for any business. Plus, with this status, you can even sign up for Medicare—Australia’s public healthcare system—which helps with medical costs.

    Getting PR means joining Aussie society fully but doesn’t make you a citizen right away. Still, it’s a big step towards becoming one if that’s your goal. Permanent residents can also get some money help from Centrelink services when they need it.

    Also important is knowing once you are granted Permanent Residency; these rights stay unless they’re cancelled or given up by the person holding them.

    Pathway to Permanent Residency

    The pathways to Australian Permanent Residency include skilled migration, family sponsorship, and business migration. Each pathway offers different opportunities for individuals to obtain permanent residency in Australia based on their skills, family connections, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Understanding these pathways is crucial for anyone looking to make Australia their long-term home.

    Skilled Migration

    Skilled migration is a great way to make Australia your new home if you have talents that Australia needs. You might be just the person Australia is looking for to help fill workforce shortages.

    This immigration pathway lets people with the right skills move to Australia. They can live, work, and become permanent residents.

    Australia has different visa subclasses for skilled workers under its General Skilled Migration programme. If your job is on the list of skill shortages, you could apply for these visas.

    These options are not just a ticket to an amazing lifestyle but also offer a chance for visa extensions as you settle into your new life Down Under and contribute to Australian communities with your expertise and hard work.

    Family Migration

    You can bring your family to live with you in Australia through family migration. This option helps keep families together and makes the community stronger. If you are an Australian citizen or someone who lives here permanently, you can ask for your spouse, children, parents or other dependent relatives to join you.

    Getting a visa for your loved ones is a big step towards making them permanent residents too. With these visas, they can live, work and go to school in Australia. They may even become citizens later on! Reuniting families is important and this pathway shows how much Australia cares about keeping loved ones close.

    Business Migration

    Business Migration is a pathway that allows skilled workers to turn their business skills into a permanent home in Australia. Through this route, you can get sponsored by an employer and enjoy the benefits of living down under.

    It’s not just about having a job – it opens doors for you and your family to become long-term members of Australian society.

    Getting your residency through this method means meeting certain requirements; but once you do, it paves the way for a stable future. Business visas invite people who have the drive and expertise to contribute to Australia’s economy.

    This could be your chance to make a big move – both in career and location!

    Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency

    Having Australian Permanent Residency (PR) comes with great advantages. It gives you many freedoms and support that can make life in Australia better for you and your family. Here are the benefits:

    • You can work and study anywhere in Australia without anyone telling you no. PR lets you choose any job or school without having limits.
    • With a PR, you can use public health care called Medicare. This means seeing a doctor or going to the hospital costs less.
    • Your PR visa is good for 5 years. After that, you can renew it if you still want to live in Australia.
    • You get help from Centrelink with money problems. This could be when you don’t have a job or need extra support.
    • Living, working, and studying in Australia feels free because there are no strict rules on what you can do or where you can go.
    • The whole country is open for work. If the big city is not your thing, move to a small town or outback community.
    • Bring your family along! They can come live, learn, and play in Australia with you.
    • Access welfare support like childcare money and payments if things get tough.
    • Getting PR means this is more than just a visit; it’s home now.

    Process of Applying for Permanent Residency

    Now that you know the benefits of holding permanent residency in Australia, let’s dive into how you can apply for it through skilled migration. The application process may seem tough, but with the right information and preparation, it can be a smooth journey.

    • First, choose an occupation that goes well with what you’ve studied and your work history.
    • Ensure you meet the requirements for skilled migrants including skills assessment and English language proficiency.
    • Look for an Australian employer who might sponsor you. This will make your pathway to permanent residency clearer.
    • Consider the Employer Sponsored Temporary Transition Stream if you are already on a 457 visa. This could be your way to switch to permanent residency.
    • Understand that getting your permanent residency visa can take from 3 months up to a year. Patience is key during this time.
    • Start getting ready for your move about 2 or 3 weeks before leaving. This includes packing and saying goodbye to friends and family.
    • Follow each step in the application process carefully. Filling out forms correctly and providing all needed documents is very important.
    • If an employer is nominating you, make sure their nomination meets all the rules set by the Australian government.
    • Check how long it will take to process your visa so you can plan ahead.


    To get Australian permanent residency through skilled migration, you need to know the rules and follow each step. Make sure your work skills match Australia’s needs. With the right visa and a solid plan, you’ll be on your way to calling Australia home.

    Remember, changes are happening that could make it even easier for skilled workers like you. Keep updated and ready to make your move!


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