Citizenship minister floats stricter values test for migrants

//Citizenship minister floats stricter values test for migrants

Citizenship minister floats stricter values test for migrants

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By: Jame Elton-Pym

20th July 2018

The Turnbull government have claimed that too many migrants are granted permanent residency in Australia before they ever step foot in the country.

Last year, the government’s controversial citizenships reforms were blocked by the Senate. It would have introduced a tougher English exam and a new test on Australian values. Senior Coalition Ministers have promised another attempt at the reforms in 2018.

Alan Tudge, citizenship minister, stated in a speech to UK Leaders in London,  that half of the visa grants were “granted full permanent residency before ever stepping foot in Australia”. This is less ideal, and something that requires further consideration.”

Earlier this month, Mr Tudge suggested the implementation of a new spoken English test for all migrants seeking permanent residency – possibly including refugees. He says. “We place an emphasis on Australian values as the glue that holds the nation together. We do this through requiring people to sign a values statement before coming into Australia, satisfy a citizenship test and pledge allegiance before becoming a citizen.

Labor frontbencher, Anthony Albanese however has criticized Mr Tudge for going overseas and “talking our country down”.

The fact is we have an incredibly successful multicultural nation,” he said.

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