Changing Sponsors on a Visa: Quick & Proven Strategies

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    Corazon Jasa

    Written: January 1, 2024

    Updated: January 1, 2024

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    Changing Sponsors on a Visa

    Are you considering a job change but your visa ties you to your current employer? You’re not alone. Many visa holders grapple with the complexities of transferring their sponsorship when opportunities arise elsewhere.

    It’s a common hurdle, but fear not—switching sponsors under Australian immigration law is indeed possible.

    One essential fact to remember is that if you hold a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 visa, there’s a structured process for changing your sponsor—compliance with all relevant regulations is key.

    My article will walk you through everything from understanding the nuances of switching employers on various visas, to satisfying official requirements and smoothly transitioning to new opportunities.

    Get ready for clarity—you’ve found your guide!

    Key Takeaways

    • You can switch sponsors on a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 visa, but your new boss must be approved to sponsor.
    • Your current job keeps going until the new sponsorship is okayed. The change needs a “yes” from Immigration before you start the new work.
    • There’s paperwork for both you and your new employer in changing visa sponsors. Make sure it’s all filled out right to avoid delays or issues.
    • After getting approval, start with the new employer quickly; make sure you’re doing what your visa says you can do.
    • Rules are strict about staying with conditions of the visa and sponsorship. Breaking them can lead to big trouble for both worker and sponsor.

    Understanding the Process of Changing Sponsors on a Visa

    Changing sponsors on a visa can be a complex process, involving different perspectives from both the sponsor and the primary visa holder. Understanding the steps and requirements involved is essential for a smooth transition to a new sponsor.

    From a sponsor’s perspective

    As a sponsor, you play a big role in the visa sponsorship process. You have to make sure everything is done right so that your worker can come and work for you. Think of it like making a promise—you agree to be responsible for someone working in your country on a skilled worker visa.

    To start, you need Standard Business Sponsorship. Make sure this is all good and valid, because if it’s not, there could be problems later.

    Your job doesn’t end there. Being a sponsor means following rules and meeting certain sponsorship obligations. You must treat your employee well and follow the laws about sponsoring them.

    If they only have permission to work for you, then they can’t go get another job without changing sponsors correctly first. Keep an eye on their visa conditions too! You want them to stay focused on their job with your company while they are here thanks to your sponsorship.

    From a primary 482 visa holder’s perspective

    You might be working in Australia and find a new job that’s a great fit for you. If this new place wants to be your sponsor, there are things you need to do. First off, make sure they can become an approved sponsor.

    They will have to go through their own process for this.

    Once that is set up, your new boss must lodge a nomination for you. Your job is to meet all the visa conditions so the switch can happen smoothly. You’ve got responsibilities too; it’s not just about signing papers and packing your desk.

    Having everything lined up means a smoother move from one employer to another.

    Now, let’s talk about what comes next after your new sponsorship gets the green light..

    Necessary Steps to Take when Changing Sponsors

    When changing sponsors on a visa, you’ll need to go through the Sponsorship Visa Application Process and lodge a nomination to sponsor. It’s important to meet the visa conditions set by immigration laws during this process.

    Sponsorship Visa Application Process

    You need a new job but you have a visa linked to your current employer. Here’s how you switch sponsors without trouble.

    • Check if your new job needs an approved sponsor. Most times, your new boss must be okayed to sponsor visas.
    • Ask your potential boss to apply for sponsorship approval if they don’t have it yet. They’ll need to meet certain rules and promises.
    • You keep working for your old boss until the new one is allowed to sponsor you. Keep things smooth by not jumping ship too soon.
    • Your new boss sends in their nomination with details about the job and pay. This needs a thumbs up from Immigration.
    • Make sure all sponsorship conditions are met by both you and your new employer. It keeps everyone out of trouble with the law.
    • Stay patient – getting the nod from Immigration can take some time. Wait for them to say yes before making any big moves.

    Lodging a nomination to sponsor

    After understanding the sponsorship visa application process, the next crucial step is lodging a nomination to sponsor. This part is important for both you as a worker and your new potential employer. Let’s dive into the details of this phase.

    • Your potential new employer must start by filling out a nomination form. They should be either an approved sponsor or have applied to become one.
    • They need to provide information about the company and why they want to hire you. This includes things like what the job is and how it fits into their business.
    • They also have to prove that they are paying you fairly compared to Australian workers in similar jobs.
    • The employer must talk about your skills and experience, showing that you’re right for the role.
    • While they put together their nomination, keep working for your current employer. It’s safest to stay until your new nomination gets approved.
    • After your employer submits the form, they wait for a decision. If it’s “yes,” you can begin your new job with them.

    Meeting the visa conditions

    Meeting the visa conditions is a core part of keeping your visa on track. You and your new sponsor must follow the rules to avoid trouble.

    • Make sure your new employer knows all about Subclass 482 visa rules. They must treat these seriously to prevent problems.
    • Your sponsor should tell immigration quickly if there are changes in your job or duties. This keeps everything clear and up-to-date.
    • If something big changes in your life, like getting married, tell your sponsor. They need this info to keep records straight with immigration.
    • Check that the work you do matches up with what the visa allows. Doing different work could break the visa conditions.
    • Your sponsor shouldn’t ask you to pay for anything related to the sponsorship process. It’s their job to cover these costs.
    • Both you and your sponsoring employer must know there are big fines for breaking the rules. No one wants legal problems!

    What Happens After the New Nomination is Approved?

    Once your new visa nomination is approved, you can pack up and get ready to start your job with the new employer. It’s time to focus on your next steps.

    – You must begin working for the new employer as this is a key condition of your updated sponsorship.

    – Your work authorisation automatically updates; no need for extra paperwork—just show up on day one!

    – The standard business sponsorship obligations kick in, making sure employers do right by their employees for five years, even after the sponsorship wraps up.

    – Expect the immigration office to keep an eye on things. They check that everyone follows the rules and visa requirements.

    – Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re all set to work without waiting for anything else from the application side of things.

    – Keep in mind that as a visa holder, staying true to all conditions tied to your work permit ensures smooth sailing ahead.


    Changing sponsors on your visa may seem tough, but it’s doable with the right steps. Remember to meet all the visa conditions and follow the rules. Finding a new employer to take over sponsorship is key.

    Keep in mind, new changes in immigration laws can affect how you switch sponsors. Always check for the latest info to make your move smooth.


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