About CJMigration

CJMigration is a Sydney based consultancy firm providing professional assistance and services in all areas of migration and temporary entry to Australia.

We at CJMigration are committed to excellence in service and will keep you updated throughout your application. We will ensure you will be treated with the utmost respect and understanding.

CJMigration is here to make a difference

Our clients and their migration needs are our top priority. We know the provisions of the Migration Act and Migration Regulations, and other legislation relating to migration procedure, in sufficient depth to offer sound and comprehensive advice to our clients, including advice on completing and lodging application forms, being able to perform diligently and honestly and dealing fairly with clients and in their lawful interests at all times.

Why Choose Us

Migration and visa consultations

Our fees are very reasonable and we can also arrange a consultation over the phone or by email to suit your needs for only a small, moderate fee. We can also arrange a consultation at your own place outside business hours and/ or weekends.

Our Principal Migration Agent

Ms Corazon Jasa, our Principal Migration Agent is a former officer of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), with over 25 years of solid experience in the various visa categories, including Student Visa, Visitor visa, Business visa, Partner visa, Citizenship, Compliance and Review.

  • Corazon has completed a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University.
  • She is also member of Migration Alliance (MA)

Applying for an Australian Visa can be a confusing and stressing experience. Seeking help from a registered migration agent can help you to have a better understanding of Australian Immigration Laws and the best ways you can live, work or visit Australia.

Watch the video below to see  what registered migration agents can do for you.

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