Australia is one of the most sought after countries for immigration. People from all over the world try to get into Australia somehow. The general consensus seems to be that people come to Australia because they can earn more money here and get more services here. While this is indeed one of the reasons, it cannot be the main reason because there are many countries with much stronger economies and better welfare than Australia. Why do people leave all of Europe and North America to come to Australia? As someone who talks to a lot of people interested in migration, here is what we have learned:

The Culture

Australia has, somehow, one of the most tolerant cultures in the world. We say somehow because there hasn’t really been an active campaign to create this culture; we have never seen a government agency or anyone else intentionally promoting tolerance. The culture has just always been this way towards immigrants. This doesn’t mean that Australia has no racism issues at all; rather that the issues are very minor when compared to other countries.


The one arena where Australia seems to beat most of the world is immigrant integration. There is a large amount of immigration happening towards UK as well but the problems in UK are a whole other dimension. UK literally has immigrant ‘ghettos’; areas where the majority population is of immigrants. They don’t really integrate into the culture of UK and instead cause a lot of trouble for the general populace. They have issues with extremism, racism, and sexism. Australia, on the other hand, has not created such ghettos. People who migrate here become part of mainstream Australian culture.


You might think the open and fun culture here wouldn’t make too much of a difference, but go to any Nordic country and you’ll realize how tough life can be without the social aspect. Australians are very open people; we are very similar to Americans in this way. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to just strike up a conversation with random people you meet.

This makes a huge difference in how people feel. One of the immigrants I know works at a 7-11. He doesn’t hate it because pretty much everyone who comes into the store talks to him in a friendly manner. He has an engineering degree from his country of origin and is pursuing masters at a university here; working as a cashier is not demeaning at all because Australians treat him not just with respect but as a friend.

Ease of Assimilation

Australia isn’t just easy to assimilate into; it is also easy to get permanent residency for. Permanent residency is a win for everyone, as the migrant becomes a fully productive taxpaying member of our country. Our residency requirements are also very fair; in most cases all you need is a permanent job that matches your skills. So if you are here to study about engineering and get an engineering related job, you will be able to get permanent residency. There are many nuances and complications as well, but the main thing is that you have to show you won’t be a burden on society.

What , in your opinion, is the reason immigrants like Australia so much? Do tell us in the comments.


Courtesy of Migration Alliance