Please beware of this person and this advice offering ‘powerful case officer insider tips’ and how to make a visa application so that ‘your case officer will want to rush your application through’.

He says that ‘a migration lawyer cannot actually lodge your visa application for you.  Only you can do that’.

He also says, as an unregistered scammer would, that ‘we should be charging more than an immigration lawyer’.


For example, the part in there where he says that he would be deported in 3 months if he didn’t have a visa.

Perhaps if he took proper advice then he would understand that Bridging Visa As exist and that there was no rush.

The whole basis for this video is fear.

I am going to buy the e-guide now so I can have a look and go through it, then send it to the DIBP investigations and the OMARA.

Unregistered Practice in Australia carries heavy fines.

Use a Registered Migration Agent.


Courtesy of Migration Alliance