The following changes will occur on 1 July 2017:

1. The STSOL will be reviewed based on advice from the Department of Employment.

2. The MLTSSL will be revised based on outcomes from the Department of Education and Training’s 2017-18 SOL review.

3. A requirement of Competent English an IELTS (score of 6 in each component) for both direct entry and transitional streams

4. An upper age limit of 45 (at the time of application) will apply to Direct Entry stream applicants

5. An upper age limit of 50 (at the time of application) will continue to apply to Temporary Residence Transition stream applicants.


What reforms will be implemented on 1 July 2017 for ENS and RSMS?

• raising English language requirements to “competent” for all applicants (IELTS 6) – with TRT and Direct Entry requirements to be consistent;

• upper age limit of 45 for Direct Entry applicants;

• 3 years skill and experience for Direct Entry applicants; and

• further changes to the occupations lists and their application to relevant visas