All visa applicants who have been patiently waiting in a queue for the Skilled Independent subclass 175, Skilled Sponsored subclass 176 and Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 475 are now subject to cap and cease.

Cap and Cease starts today 22 September 2015 and the total has already been reached.

Any applications for these visas which were not finalised before today are taken not to have been made.

The DIBP will be repaying the charges back to the applicants.

It will take about 15 weeks for the DIBP to return the funds.

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Migration Alliance, our RMA members and our clients are outraged at this decision.  One particular agent, Robert Chelliah would like to share his sentiments below:

I am disappointed that MIA merely transmits, like as postman, this questionable  gazetted notification from the Department without a squeak of concern from MIA. The Minister may have exercised his lawful power to  gazette that “in these subclasses will be taken not to have been made and will have their full visa application charges refunded.”. 

On behalf of MIA members, who have to answer to their very disappointed clients, is this a just and a fair treatment to clients who have been waiting for 7 years or more with some hope. It is utter disgraceful that the professional body  has chosen just to act as a obedient acquiescing body  to the department. This I consider is unjust, inequitable, abuse of Ministerial power for failing to give proper consideration to members of the public and its Agents within the  concept of “offer and acceptance” once a valid application has been made. I suggest that the MIA seek proper advise on seeking redress on this abusive and unjust treatment of clients who had made a valid application with a assurance of proper resolution to the application.

On behalf of many RMA and their clients I expect the MIA, as a leading professional Body, to explore how the Minister can be  called not to abuse his power by hiding behind lawful power to gazette.

I expect MIA, and hopefully the MA, to make public protest on this.

Migration Alliance stands strongly in opposition to this decision by the DIBP.