As the housing boom in most Australian states continue, the demand for tradesman is at a ‘crisis’ level – particularly the demand for bricklayers. This has had builders calling for easier and quicker access to tradesmen under the sc457 program – according to a report in the Australian Financial Review.

Three years ago, bricklaying cost was about $900 per 1000 bricks. Now it has topped $1500 and heading towards $2000, due to a severe shortage of bricklayers, particularly in Sydney.


Some 80 representatives of the housing and building industries gathered at Rooty Hill RSL in Sydney’s west last week to discuss the issue shortage of bricklayers and called for easier access to sc457 workers.

“It’s great to have the building boom, but you need to build the houses”, said Nathan Thurston, the marketing manager of leading NSW home builder, McDonald Jones Homes told the AFR. “You need the arms and the legs to get people into their homes sooner.”

Brickworks managing director, Lindsay Partridge, said that the Austral Bricks order book was “extremely strong.”